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6-Channel Headphone Amplifier

Key Features:

  • Six independent high-powered headphone amplifiers in a compact, 1RU size
  • Professional amplification system for studio and stage applications
  • Stereo Aux Input on each channel with level adjustments
  • Additional Direct Input on front panel to mix in additional sources
  • Four-segment LED on each channel for easy visual monitoring
  • Input gain control and individual output gain control
  • Supplies six fully independent mixes for up to 18 pairs of headphones
  • Balance control to mix Main and Aux input signals
  • Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR and 1/4" TRS connectors


The RHA6 is a 6-channel professional headphone amplification system perfect for studio and live event monitoring. AUX and Direct inputs make it possible to create custom headphone mixes, and additional features such as direct line outputs to connect additional RHA6 units and three headphone outs per channel provide maximum versatility. RHA6 has a minimized circuitry path which means there's less “stuff” for your signal to pass through, keeping your sound clear and crisp.


  • Main Input
    • Connectors: XLRF and 1/4" jacks
    • Type: RF-filtered, servo balanced inputs
    • Impedance: 50kΩ balanced, 25kΩ unbalanced
    • Max. input level: +21dBu balanced and unbalanced (unity gain)
    • CMRR: typically 40dB, >55dB @1kHz

  • AUX IN and DIRECT IN Input
    • Connectors: 1/4" TRS (tip=left, ring=right, sleeve=ground)
    • Type: unbalanced
    • Impedance: 25 kΩ unbalanced
    • Max. input level: +21dBu unbalanced (unity gain)
    • CMRR: typically 40dB, >55dB @1kHz

  • Audio Output
    • Connectors: XLRM and 1/4" jacks
    • Type: Balanced / unbalanced
    • Impedance: Dependent on the input impedance
    • Max. output level: +21 dBu balanced and unbalanced

  • System Specifications
    • Frequency response: 10–50,000 Hz, ±3dB
    • Noise: >90dB unweighted (22 - 22kHz > 95dB @ +4dBu)
    • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): 0.005% typically @+4dBu, 1kHz, Gain 1

  • Power Amplifier
    • Max. output power: +21dBm
    • Min. output impedance: 100Ω
    • Max. gain: +20dB

  • Function Controls
    • Input level: Variable
    • Balanced per channel: Mix between AUX and MAIN signal
    • Output level per channel: Variable

  • Function Switches
    • Left mute: Mutes the left signal of the respective channel
    • Right mute: Mutes the right signal of the respective channel
    • Mode: Switches channel to MONO

  • Indicators
    • Input level: 8-digit LED display; -24/-18/-12/-6/0/+6/+12/+18 dBu
    • Output level: 4-digit LED display; -24/0/+12 dBu/Clip

  • General
    • Power supply USA/Canada: 120VAC, 60Hz
    • Power supply U.K./Australia: 240VAC, 50Hz
    • Power supply Europe: 230VAC, 50Hz
    • Power consumption: 40W
    • Fuse: 95-120VAC: T500mA L / 210-240VAC: T315mA L
    • Mains connection: Standard IEC receptacle
    • Dimensions: (WxDxH) 19" x 8.54" x 1.7" (483 x 217 x 44mm)
    • Weight: 6.39lbs (2.9kg)